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Summer is the time of year for pool fun and summer sun. It's also the time of year to get serious about increasing your home's energy efficiency and lowering cooling costs. Keeping doors and windows closed, shutting off lights when not in use, and managing the AC are common steps to reduce energy expenses.
Another important step we can take is to invest in custom custom window shades nassau countywindow treatments. Nearly half of a home’s heating and cooling energy escapes through our windows and having custom treatments that are specially designed to enhance energy savings can make a big difference in consumption.

Some window coverings have more energy-saving effectiveness than others. For example, cellular and solar shades can help you dramatically cut back on your monthly utility bill.

Cellular and Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades can provide your home with a dynamic look. When layered with colorful drapery panels, cellular or honeycomb shades enhance home energy efficiency while remaining aesthetically pleasing. These shades are made using internal cells that work to trap air, keeping it from entering or leaving the home. In the summer, that means that the heat is effectively kept at bay while the cool air remains inside. They are rated highly as one of the most energy-efficient treatments available.

The cells or honeycombs in these shades can be single or double-cell design and are available in three sizes. They can also be customized to fit uniquely shaped or unconventional windows. You can choose a variety of fabric options that allow you to control how much light comes in and have anything from sheer or light-filtering fabric to a slight darkening fabric or even complete blackout.

Dual shades give you pleated light-filtering fabric on the top and heavier shades on the bottom. Operate them from top-down or bottom-up and choose from a variety of fabrics and colors. These shades are also great for children's rooms thanks to their cordless lift and lack of dangling cords. They can be paired with curtains or drapery panels for complete, fully-dressed windows that combine different textures for a balanced, stylish look.

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Solar Shades

Motorized solar shades can be easily fitted to wide windows and doors and are simple to operate with the use of a remote control. You will have full control over light levels and, of course, your privacy. Most important, these shades provide UV protection and block solar heat from coming into your home, which keeps your energy costs low. Filter sunlight and control openness and visibility with sleekly designed solar
shades. They are great for interior and exterior installations and can always be personalized with custom valances. Motorization gives you complete control and energy efficiency with barely any effort at all.

Bamboo Shades

best window shades nassau countyEnergy efficiency meets texture and style -- bamboo shades will upgrade any room in which installed. Making your home energy efficient doesn't have to be devoid of personal taste.
Eco-friendly and naturally-sourced, bamboo shades reduce glare and allow control over light intake and privacy. These shades are perfect for the bedroom or the bathroom with natural coloring and materials, adding an extra touch of warmth and polish indoors.

Window shades are the perfect way to update your home while improving its energy requirements. Much of a home's power usage derives from manipulating the temperature within so why not save yourself some trouble and choose efficient shades? They are eco-friendly and add an aesthetic boost to any interior design. When paired with drapes or exteriors, it's like re-doing every room in your home for a fraction of the cost.

Whether cellular or solar, we have what you're looking for. Let V-lonne Window Fashions help you find what you're looking for when it comes to energy-efficient shades today!


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